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News Columns and Newsletters

Bimonthly, MSW prints its own newsletters -- these are single page, quick-read news reports designed to give everyone a sense of the work being done downtown by Main Street Waterbury and others.  We feature our latest column and newsletter on our Home Page.  In addition, here you can access a number of the columns and the newsletters written in the past months.

Parking News

The Waterbury Police Department announced that the City of Waterbury has partnered with Hectronic USA to identify intelligent and smart solutions to meet the needs of the parking customers in the downtown area of the city.  In an effort to continue the standard of serving the public with greater efficiency and improving customer service the city has chosen Hectronic to modernize the Buckingham Parking Garage located at 250 Bank Street.  This new technology will now allow the customer to pay for their parking at one of the pay stations located throughout the garage.